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. bruising contentions around wichita. this is hundreds of miles away. i do not think we will see any rain in washington by the rush hour. certainly by the afternoon. we could see a bit of ice in this. it will be primarily a rainstorm. abc 7 is the storm watch station. or instant updates, tune to said, we will be back in just a few minutes with a complete outlook. outrage and frustration from the men and women that endure the martyr of their daughter and granddaughter. now the mistrial against the suspect did killer. say that jason scott was responsible for the murders of dolores dewitt and anthony dewitt. we have early reaction from today's decision. >> this certainly has been a tough day for members of the m's families. we have been so long into this trial. today, a mistrial was declared. we will have to wait a bit longer in the search for justice. >> i never dreamt that this would ever happen. >> her resolve is remarkable. four years ago, her daughter and her granddaughter were found murdered in a burning car in rockville. was captured and charging both homicides. on monday, t
wichita, kansas. >> the attack was at time, relentless. >> some folks have 12 to 13 inches of snow. lots of eights, nines and tens. six-foot drifts in the texas panhandle. >> reporter: the national guard was called in. more than two inches of snow an hour pushed by hurricane forsz winds. >> i'm going step outside and let you see what it's like so far. >> reporter: white out conditions they described as a crippling, historic blizzard. the storm counts oklahoma with more than a foot of snow in several areas there. as it moved into kansas -- >> it's bad on the interstate. >> reporter: many rushed for supplies. preparing for the winter blast. >> not much you can do about it. you get through it. >> reporter: a challenge that continues to increase across the region. jay gray, nbc news, wichita, kansas. >>> on the heels of a ten-day recess, congress is staring down a busy week ahead. the senate is expected to vote on whether to move forward on chuck hagel's nomination of secretary of defense. jesse jackson jr.'s district will cast a vote to replace him. if they approve jack lu as treasury secre
from wichita, kansas tonight. hey, mike. good evening. >> hey, good evening, brian. all or parts of 20 states tonight into wednesday are under some type of winter weather warning or advisory. it stretches from texas to maine. meanwhile, this morning the plains got hit hard by howling wind and blinding snow. the storm hit hard in the predawn hours in the texas panhandle. >> oh, my god, dude. >> reporter: 2 to 3-inch per hour snowfall rates and hurricane-force wind gusts were clocked in amarillo. the national weather service called it a crippling, historic blizzard. >> we're going to step outside and let you see what it's like so far. >> more than a foot of snow and 77-mile-an-hour wind gusts combined to create whiteout conditions, shutting down every road in the texas/oklahoma panhandle. texas rarely sees this much snow from one storm. it's amarillo's second snowiest day on record with 17 inches. the national guard and local emergency crews struggled through snowdrifts that topped 6 feet in places to reach dozens of stranded motorists. the storm also pummeled western oklahoma. >> as you
the storm is. witch tauf achit wichita, kansas constituentity. a foot of snow. and the national weather service expan expan expands the flood watch. 1 to 2 inches of rain. heavy rain during the day. cold. one of the nastiest afternoons all winter long. wind chills in the 30s all day. the timing of this whuch. who has the chance to see wintry precipitation. >> an offduty police officer, tackled a man, accused of gunning down an atf agent. right place/right time. half of the story. tonight talking about the showdown on a virginia sidewalk. shomari stone joins us from wood bridge with the interview you will see only on news 4. shomari? >> reporter: that's right. tonight the officer was in the woodbridge neighborhood. he heard the shot go out. then he took action. prince william county police lieutenant carlos robles was offduty when the call for shooting and gunman on the loose went out in woodbridge. he shares his story in his cloous inthis exclusive interview. minutes before the call, eric smith shot and killed retired atf agent, gregory holly, stealing his ipod and badge. holly was walk
plain old rain there from oklahoma city southward. if you're in the wichita, kansas, area, go outside, you may see some flashes in the snow, you have thundersnow at the current hour. i-35, quickly becoming impassable throughout much of this region. through the south, a line of thunderstorms will be tracking through ft. worth and dallas. further to the north, just some freezing rain, already coming down throughout the ozarks. watch out on the bridges. the winter storm warnings are in effect here. iowa, nebraska, kansas and missouri. the snowfall forecast, this pink is 6 to 12 includes wichita and kansas city. omaha and des moines. it looks minneapolis/st. louis, lighter snowfall. but still some impact. >> when you say thundersnow, that always freaks me out a little bit. >>> coming up -- the latest on a plane crash out of nashville that killed five. >>> plus, congressman jesse jackson jr. has pleaded guilty, now the fight to limit his jail time begins. >>> and take a look at this. sun spots that the have the ability to swallow six earths. that's the least of our concerns. we'll tell you
. this is a live look at wichita, kansas, where you can see near whiteout conditions there. snow falling at more than an inch an hour. that is the same system that's going to deliver a punch here in kansas city and across the midwest. and again, before it's all said and done later this evening, many areas, including this one, could see a foot or more on the ground. that's the latest live here in kansas city, mara, back to you. >> thank you so much for that, jay. >>> congress is in recess this week but a few democrats are coming to work on capitol hill today. they're looking into the impact of the sequester. $85 billion in federal spending cuts that go effect in just eight days unless lawmakers cut a deal. what does that mean for you? nbc's tracie potts has details on some of the many programs that are on the chopping block. tracie, good morning. >> reporter: mara, good morning. three quarters of the job losses, most of them from the pentagon. leon panetta says they are going after folks to furlong one day a month. look at this, the effects of 750,000 jobs, small business loans reduced by $902 mi
in is the bull's eye is going to be from i-35, what wichita to topeka. as far as the big cities go, the worst of it will be omaha, des moines, wichita. a minor snow event from minneapolis to chicago, milwaukee, des moines and further to the south. here's some specifics for the big cities. again, kansas city, best chance of getting up to a foot. but omaha and wichita, definitely some heavy snow to shovel. then lesser amounts, minneapolis, denver and st. louis is going to be nasty, sleet and freezing rain. east coast, you're fine today. a different storm will be arriving here on saturday night and sunday. a significant snowfall for interior new england. coastal areas, rain to snow. >> we always appreciate when you bring the bad weather just in time of the weather. >> three weekends in a row, by the way. >> it's been asy saser the. >>> the lakers paying tribute to late owner jerry buss. a minute-long speech before the game. >> through our years being here at the staples center the one thing that we could always count is the late owner dr. jerry buss, overlooking his franchise from his box. >> th
fast. get claritin-d at the pharmacy counter. >>> united flight from denver had snow trum in wichita kansas and got -- snow trouble when itate rieived in wichita -- arrived in wichita kansas. >>> a massive storm dumped 20 inches of snow across several states. this is kansas city. the area picked up more than 7 inches of snow and it's a record snowfall. people were urged to travel but many ventured out and you can see them getting stuck on the road. >> that is storm system you are watching move et cetera way towards us right -- its way towards us. >> and i think the biggest impact will be sleet and snow mixing in together and that is going to cause problems across people traveling especially by tonight. but speaking of the impact of traveling, look what we have a. winter he weather advisory for all -- winter weathered' vice -- weather advisory for all the areas in blue. we are not under that. but our concern is going to be with black ice. be prepared for that as you step out and about especially this evening. here's the big picture and the storm now and it is getting closer and closee
in wichita. michael, what's happening there? >> reporter: scott, the snow has let up but we're told do not expect that to last. more snow expected to come in tonight. forecasters saying right now they're expecting eight to ten inches. that is on top of a near record- breaking snowfall we had just last week when we received more than 14 inches of snow. it's not just kansas. go to the south of here in oklahoma where eight highways are closed, including parts of i-40. take you down to texas, texas experiencing what's being called an historic storm. amarillo experiencing record snowfall, possibly 14 to 20 inches. we're told road crews are trying to save stranded motorists along a stretch of highway near childress. scott, the problem now for a lot of these communities becomes what do you do with all of this snow? as you can see in the wichita area, a lot of it is still piled up. >> pelley: michael, you say you had 14 inches there is last week, that must be making things much more complicated this week. >> reporter: much more complicated and a lot of these communities are struggling to find
kansas and the central plains. a state of emergency was declared on thursday. wichita had some 25 centimeters of snow in several hours which is the heaviest in 26 years. a lot of travel disturbances and accidents are occurring around the central plains. let's take aim to e great lakes region. additional snowfall could be as much as 30 centimeters and icy roads will dominate much of these regions. down toward the south another low pressure system will be creating severe weather. tornadic activity cannot be ruled out. temperatures are shaping up like this with wichita minus two. the averages around 8 degrees. a quick look here in europe. much of the northern half of the region is looking at dry and cold weather but rlly nasty weather would will across the central mediterranean region. coastal rain will target the peninsula. madrid will be down to single digits for your weekend. here's your extended forecast. >>> u.s. president barack obama is getting ready to welcome japanese prime minister shinzo abe to the oval office. a senior official says obama wants to hear about a territorial
. lauderdale slid off a runway while taxiing to the terminal. in wichita yesterday, a plane got stuck on an unplowed taxiway for two hours. passengers took it all in stride. >> everybody was in really good spirits. we all chatted, and had a good time. >> reporter: at the st. louis airport, stranded passengers stretched out on the floor. in the plain states, the storm left some impressive snowfalls. 9.2 inches in kansas city. 14.2 in wichita, kansas. the most there in 50 years. and a foot and a half in nashville, kansas. and this is all heading east. >> it looks like this storm is going to be a warmer one, though, for places like new york city and philadelphia. probably all rain along the coast. but for boston, a very tricky forecast we could indeed have at least 6 inches of snow. >> reporter: in chicago late today, a dog was spotted jumping between chunks of ice in lake michigan. after several tense minutes, a man on a kayak was able to steer it safely to shore. >>> this was chicago's heaviest snowfall in more than a year. and across the midwest, there were four deaths blamed on the s
: a challenge that like the snow totals continue to increase across the region. jay gray, nbc news, wichita, kansas. >> and we'll talk more about that. >>> on the heels of a ten-day recess congress is staring down a busy week ahead. today, the senate is expected to vote on whether to move forward on chuck hagel's nomination as secretary of defense. >>> chicago voters in former congressman jesse jackson jr.'s district will brave the snow to cast their vote in today's special primary to replace him. >>> if the senate finance committee approves jack lew as the treasury secretary today a full senate vote could come as early as tomorrow. >>> on top of all that, could lawmakers prevent the sequester's $75 billion automatic spending cuts? nbc's tracie potts is live in washington. good morning to you. who feels those cuts first if congress fails to act, a lot of people are asking? >> reporter: a lot of people could. we're talking about heating assistance, food for new mothers being scaled back, fewer dollars for school construction, unemployment checks for long-term unemployed people could be cut b
snow that's left over 100,000 people without electricity. in wichita this morning, they were digging out from the snowiest february on record. >> that's a lot of snow. it's not used to this. >> reporter: while aerials from oklahoma reveal the landscape of stranded cars as some drivers learned the hard way. >> don't drive when they tell you not to. when they say conditions are going to be bad, they're bad. >> reporter: and they're bad across a wide swath of the country. 19 inches in amarillo, 21 in follette, texas, nearly 7 in wichita and 11 inches of snow in kansas city. at least three deaths have been blamed on the storm, two from traffic accidents. but roof collapses also pose a danger. heavy, wet snow brought down this roof on a horse arena in shawnee, kansas. fortunately, no people or horses were injured. in amarillo, texas, truckers don't know when it will be safe to get back on the roads. >> i'm feeling a lot of frustration. i've got a high-dollar load that has to go out. >> reporter: kansas city is still recovering from last week's storm. and with even snow plows stuck, there
kansas city, omaha and wichita. a lot of shoveling. that's a look at your national forecast. now here's a look at the weather outside your window. well, we have this storm, as it moves to the north and to the northeast, we'll have plenty of cold air to work with. there will be periods in indiana and illinois, probably start off as a period of snow and then mixing over to sleet and ice. for the east coast, this storm doesn't necessarily head to the east coast. there's still another weekend storm for new england we're going to have to deal with too, it's active winter weather. >>> coming up after the break, we'll have the latest on a plane crash out of nashville that killed five. >>> plus congressman jesse jackson jr. has pleaded guilty, but now the fight to limit his jail time begins. >>> and look at this, some spots that have the ability to swallow six earths but that's the least of our concerns. we'll tell you why. we're back in two minutes. >>> welcome back. here are some other stories making news this morning. five people are dead after a late night plane crash in eastern georgia.
, wichita and topeka area. that's the travel for tonight and tomorrow. that's a look at your national forecast. now here's a look at the weather outside your window. today, we are watching that storm developing. as far as areas like kansas city go, looks like we've slowed the timing down just slightly on the storm. the worst of it will be later on tonight and then all day thursday. >> and this storm also goes into areas like st. louis, chicago, all of iowa. but it won't be as significant there. still a couple inches of snow. maybe a little bit of ice. but it looks like kansas, nebraska the bull's-eye. >>> coming up after the brace. an execution blocked at the 11th hour. one of the biggest diamond heists in recent memories. and italy's. plus a professor in hot water. you're watching "early today." today." here's some other stories making news this morning. a federal appeals court stepped in at the very last minute to halt the execution of a georgia man citing his mental disability. warren lee hill had been set to die tuesday night after being convicted in the 1990 killing of a fellow i
honored the military at the arena with army night hosting the wichita wings, donning cameo jerseys in front of the fans at the arena. the blast doubled up wichita 12-6 and baltimore got two goals apiece from meyers and lucas loke to win their fifth victory and close out the regular season hosting milwaukee next saturday in baltimore. stay with us. john has another check of the 11 insta-weather plus forecast. >> windy and cold tomorrow, 35 for the high, maybe a snow shower. monday dry. it's still chilly and tuesday some rain. >> glad you were here. always glad you're here. thanks for joining us. we'll see you back here tomorrow for sunday morning. have a great night. >>> hello, hello, everyone. hi. >> welcome back. welcome back to the fiesta ballroom here on carnival cruise
are heavy snow squalls moving across wichita. that's moving into kansas where it looks like it's going to snow hard. it shows the snow pivoting from the southwest to the northeast as we go throughout the morning and afternoon hours so wichita will see improvement lamt today, but northeastern kansas and missouri will be looking at heavy snowfall for the next 24 hours. look at this purple area. anywhere in here, we could be talking a foot, maybe a little bit more than that. the snow rates are incredible this morning. they're one to two inches an hour. it could snow like that for the next 6 to 12 hours. the southern end of this storm, there's the potential for severe weather as we head later on into today. it's bad news for travel but the good news is we have severe drought in the farmlands in the midwest. this moisture is greatly needed and it's going to be greatly appreciated. norah. >> thank you, david bernard. >>> a bombshell has been revealed about the lead investigator. and this morning nike announced its suspending its deal with lance armstrong. emma hurd has more at the courthouse
. take a live look at wichita, kansas. heavy snow, high winds, up to 10 inches expected if some parts. jim cantore is live in lincoln nebraska. are you expecting similar conditions to hit there? >> reporter: when you show a camera just like in wichita, chris, probably this evening you'll see the same situation. all that is move north from wichita, now into kansas city. we in lincoln, northwest of kansas city, are just getting into the light snow now. you can see we have pretty good visibility, so not coming down that heavy. 22 degrees outside, winds out of the east, you can see the flags blowing. the wind will get stronger as the snow comes in. we've had watched this snow go from wichita, as you showed, now obviously with that heaviest snow pushing to the northeast, they have a chance to clear those roads, but it was an absolute whiteout. we had thunder, lightning with that snow. it has moved up to the i-70 corridor basically from salina through kansas city into the column by contraand missouri where they're getting the thund thundersnow. unfortunately that has snarled up traffic. any
wichita, february is probably the snowiest month ever for kansas and yes, that system will affect us tomorrow not with snow for most of us, although there could be a little ice in the mountains. it's rain primarily tomorrow afternoon. let me show you where the system is now. you can see it continuing to produce blizzard conditions for parts of oklahoma, kansas and missouri. then it transitions into heavy rain and thunderstorms down to the southeast. we've got some high clouds that will come in overnight. most of this rain will hold off for the metro area until late morning to early afternoon. i think that rain could be heavy at times. the system producing the snow will weaken and a new storm will form close enough to the atlantic ocean it pulls in heavy rain and as that transition is taking place maybe even a rumble of thunder for us as the new storm takes over. here's what you should expect tomorrow. it's mostly a wet evening commute. it may be heavy enough to cause some flooding of small streams and creeks. at 8 a.m. if we see anything, it would be very spotty and a light mix to ou
inches of snow is expected for wichita, kan. after a foot in today's last week. road crews say they have already used half of their sand and salt from the last storm. >> even after the snowfall was over you could have what is defined as a ground blizzard which is so much snow blowing it seems like it is still coming down even when the actual precipitation has ended. >> forecasters say wichita could get another foot of snow by tomorrow. >> another reminder of how mile that has been for us this winter. we have missed so many things like that. >> the metro area, the i-95 corridor, maybe some flooding from the rain. western -- in western elevations to get ice. and then gets windy and wednesday. you need a scorecard with the other forecast. we can look at one of the cameras. during the day a few high clouds mixing with jet contrails. a beautiful day and temperatures in the upper 40's. tomorrow it is not going to look like this outside. it will be cloudy and wet. kind of nasty around the area. a beautiful day today. temperatures are comfortable enough. the wind is nearly calm within easterly f
from denver just landed in wichita when it was stuck in the snow on the runway. passengers were stuck on board for about two hours there. workers had to dig the plane out and then clear a path for a bus so it could bring pass swrers to the terminal. despite the delay, passengers say it wasn't that bad. >> everybody wags this really good spirits. >>> by far the most entertaining delay in my life. it's been laughable to me. >> nice when you can grin and bear it. wichita seeing the largest snowfall on record. more than 14 inches of snow. >> we're not expected to get anything close to what they had in the west. meteorologist tom kierein has your forecast. tom? >> radar showing this area in gray, a few scattered flurries trying to reach the ground in northern rvirginia, the distric and into maryland too. the areas in light gray, just very light flurries right now. there's not a lot of moisture with this system as it's heading to the east. we do have, though, a winter weather advisory. all the areas in the lavender, including western maryland from alleghany county into garrett county and mu
white gold even if it has been a lot of work for folks in wichita and kansas city and across much of oklahoma. that area of low pressure that's producing the snow will be weakening, but we are really going to tap some very heavy moisture. it looks like we could be in for quite a soaker tomorrow afternoon. as the winter portion of this storm weakens, the next storm that forms, the same energy, it's going to be able to tap into the atlantic ocean. we've got a lot of heavy moisture that could be heading this direction. most of it will be in the afternoon. flood watches were expanded tonight to not only include d.c. and surrounding counties but loudon and northern portions of fauquier were added because streams and creeks could get a lot of water in a short amount of time and yes, winter weather advisories to our west. this is a concern for freezing rain and sleet that may build up to an inch or so at allegations above 1,000 feet. that includes washington county and the panhandle of west virginia. we'll be busy in the weather center tomorrow afternoon. you'll definitely want that umbr
inches. not even 2 inches today in wichita, kansas. over 15 inches of snow, the second biggest of all time. lightningnder snow, during a thunder smell. -- thunder snow. snowing at 2 inches an hour. you can see, there are friends there and the storm is leaving. look at where it is setting. nasty winter weather heading toward ohio. that is a mixture of snow, sleet, and freezing rain. fortunately not coming right into us. that will limit a lot of that moisture. by the time to get into friday saturday, i think we of someseeing a touch winter weather. at the temperature is right now. 32 degrees, here is the key. it will take a while for that really saturate the atmosphere. here comes that area of storm, circulation to the west. tomorrow morning, 7:00 in the high cloudsa lot of temperatures around the area into the 20's. way out into the shenandoah valley. watch what happens. this is a simulation. by noon time, anything will be of spotty. montgomery county might be a few snowflakes, maybe a bit of and that will be the story into tomorrow. heading out 66, there could be some slippery spots,
. in can, they're bracing for up to 18 inches of snow in some parts. police in wichita are telling folks to stay home. >> we are asking people to stay off the roadways because of the conditions that are deteriorating. >> reporter: the latest big blast of winter is predicted to hit 18 states, affecting at least 30 million people. all from a storm that hit california and the west coast and is now moving across the country. in tulsa, oklahoma, reduced visibility has led to numerous accidents, some roads impassable and at least one person killed. snow is usually just a four-letter word in places near san diego. while the kids seemed to love it. >> truly cool. it never snowed this much. >> reporter: drivers decidedly did not. >> started to get dicey weather and then we saw the police vehicles, they had the flair set up. >> reporter: in arizona, baseball fields in scottsdale were buried under a blanket of snow. >> no, this is not a joke. we are in arizona. >> reporter: even golfers on the pga tour ran into wacky weather in tucson. the match had to be postponed. 2 inches of snow covered the cou
flights and closing the airport in wichita, kansas. a punch for the planes were some of the remnants from the last storm are falling and so on the spirit of some bracing for another winter wallop. >> this is crazy. i do not like the winter. >> it is three days until budget cuts hit. the president is in newport news warning of the page coming for national dispense -- the pinch to national defense spending. >> the white house has warned of airport delayed and lost jobs. there is talk of us becoming more vulnerable against terrorism. lex we cannot maintain the level of security around the country. >> the defense subcommittee is holding a hearing. government departments can expect cuts. >> this is an abdication of congressional responsibility. to be a check and balance and make financial decisions. i regret congress known -- is not legislate. >> a president invited the nation's governors to discuss cuts that will hurt their states. >> the longer the cuts are in place, the bigger the impact will become. >>are americans more afraid or frustrated? >> frustrated. they are not coming together. >>
.... . snow totals in wichita... reached about 14 inchhs on ttursday. 3- 3 an east baltimore man is dead after being ssruck by a car. melinda roeder is treamiig street where intesses say the maa was being chased by several dogs. 3 3&the... 3 3 the... ouse... the... 3 the... house... passes a bill.../ that wooud... undo... a court ruling ... that llbeeed ...pit bulls... ""nherently dangerous." dangeroos." 3 thh measuur, ... &&pwould elimiiate... ny breed... distinctions... &p from tte law.../ but... & make it easser... to sue... owner... whose... pet ...bites...//. last year,... thh state's... 3 that pit bull owwers and &ppcould be held liable... for dog bites....wiihout... &pprevious evidence... that a dog... was dangerous....//under... - the new measure,.../ & all... dog owners, ...regardless of reed..., aree &ppresumed... liable... for attacks...//the bill... now mov
chicago to wichita. we'll talk about the storm and when we can break out of this pattern. >>> a local police chief is having a big impact on the national gun debate. baltimore county's chief jim johnson has spoken in front of congress before. he is the chairman of the national coalition to prevent gun violence. scrn son is pushing for a limit on high capacity magazines and assault weapon bans and background checks. >> maryland is ahead of the game requiring background checks for certain regulated firearms. however, 40% of mrns acquire their firearms outside the process. >> he says he is in for an overall gun ban. >> the bill that bans assault weapons limits magazine size. it was introduced in the full state senate this morning. it was then laid over with favorable amendments. that means it was put on hold until tomorrow and the house commit will debate the same bill. the gun control debate is divided. >> we'll take a look at what's at stake has lawmakers trito close in on that vote. >> december 14th, just 11 days before christmas we wept for sandy hook. >> hard to get your mind around
totals we saw across the central u.s. wichita, kansas city, wow, did they see just a pummeling of snowfall. well, the track after the next several days is going to be a little iffy. but it is going to produce a little bit of snowfall into midland texas. denver could see about a foot. wichita, kansas city, kansas city has seen 9, 10, 11 inches of snowfall for the month. but we could see an additional maybe six inches of snow. so, it looks like one of those kind of februarys that is just going to linger for a little while longer. area of low pressure, as i said, moves across the ohio river valley. this is almost one of those triple threats, again, with the snow, little bit of ice and some thunderstorms out ahead of it. but take a look at this. forecast snowfall totals going into about wednesday. a foot, foot and a half and these are areas that have been blasted over the winter. now, some folks, especially across the southeast in the mid-atlantic wondered, wow, is winter ever going to arrive? it did. it took until 2013 for the winter season to really start to kick in. blizzard war
of snow around amarillo, oklahoma city and wichita. on top of that, rain and mountain snow in the pacific northwest. >> mostly 40s in the northwest. 82 in miami. and 73 in new orleans. >>> coming up next after the break, new reasons to check your credit report. >>> plus, a developing story from overnight. police check out a new lead in the search for a suspected killer in california. >>> plus, the latest in casino comfort. placing bets right from your bed. this is so sick! i can't believe your mom let you take her car out. this is awesome! whoooo! you're crazy. go faster! go faster! go faster! go faster! no! stop...stop... (mom) i raised my son to be careful... hi, sweetie. hi, mom. (mom) but just to be safe... i got a subaru. (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. >>> and welcome back, everybody. if you have not checked your credit reports lately you might want to. a government study finds one in four consumers are finding errors in their credit reports. those mistakes can lead to paying higher interest rates on credit cards. consumers are entitled to a free copy of their c
and kansas. mike seidel is in wichita with a look at some of the worst of these weather conditions. >> reporter: this week's storm was the second largest on record. they have been measuring snow since 1888. you throw that into this one, they have about 7 inches last might and this morning. this is officially the snowiest month on record in wichita. keep in mind this isn't exactly buffer low. they only average about 15 1/2 inch as season. out in the texas panhandle, many roads there are still closed after an historic and crippling blizzard. amarillo had 19 inches yesterday. some of that coming down to two to three inches an hour and low in hurricane force winds p wind gusts as high as 77 miles an hour. you have five to six feet wind drifts. they will be digging out today and tomorrow. amarillo with 19 inches. snowiest day on record. >>> a drive-by congress. that's the term nancy pelosi used today when she noted her colleagues just returned from a ten-day break and they won't be around after 3:00 on thursday afternoon. nine hours later, the sequester starts. steve handelsman is on ca
covered from all angles. erin pike is in wichita and jennifer delgado in the cnn weather center. erin, let's start with you. >> it is freezing here. a lot colder than yesterday. 14 degrees, and here in wichita, they got the second highest snowfall in recorded history. 14.2 inches, so because of that, lots of school districts remain closed. yesterday, wichita was a ghost town. trying to dig out today. most of the flights out of kansas city international airport are canceled this morning until 9:00 central. the airport is open, though, as you mentioned, and flights look to be on time throughout the afternoon. we'll keep monitoring that for you. the wichita and st. louis airports are also open. dozens of cancelations, so viewers traveling to and from those areas need to pay attention. the roads very icy, officialed wa want people to stay off the roads if they can. >> thank you, erin. jennifer gel de jennifer delgado. >> for areas in wichita, parts of missouri, they will be try. this is what's left of the storm system, producing light system, we're not talking about more than two inches. louis
and eventually tonight into illinois. so the worst of it this morning, wichita, kansas. it's just getting nailed. they've had thundersnow and sleet mixing in for the last two or three hours. i-35 almost impassable now from around the wichita area up to emporia. it is soon going to be snowing in kansas city. the morning rush hour there is going to be very, very troublesome. snowfall totals, again, this pink color is 6 to 12 inches. a very large area. somewhere a little band just north of wichita and kansas city near topeka will end up with a foot of snow. that three to six inches is huge. it goes all the way to green bay to chicago to st. louis. my big-city snowfall totals when it's all said and done, a foot possible in kansas city. omaha, wichita, a little less than that. just a glancing blow really for our friends in minneapolis and chicago. you can probably deal a little better than your friends to the south with three to six. and everyone in new england, we're okay the next two days. i'm still tracking that potential storm for you as we go throughout this upcoming weekend. it looks like it's
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